Advance Directives

The federal government requires that all hospitals provide their patients with information about advance directives. Advance directives are documents that allow you to state the medical care you would or would not like to receive “in advance” should you become unable to make decisions for yourself. There are two types of legal documents – Living Will and Healthcare Power of Attorney.

A Living Will is a document that states your wishes about what medical treatment you would want should your doctor determine that you are permanently unconscious or terminally ill with short life expectancy. Your will is a separate document that tells your survivors what to do with your property and resources after your death. Click here for more information about Living Wills.

A Healthcare Power of Attorney is a document that allows you to name another person to make decisions about your care if you become temporarily or permanently unable to make decisions for yourself. If you want to name someone to make healthcare decisions for you, you should sign a healthcare power of attorney no matter what other documents you have. Click here for more information about Healthcare Power of Attorney.

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