Abbeville Area Medical Center Upgrades Full-Field Digital Mammography System


In order to provide patients with optimal breast imaging, comfort and lower amounts of x-ray dosage, Abbeville Area Medical Center has recently upgraded its digital mammography system with a MAMMOMAT Inspiration from Siemens Medical Solutions. The machine replaces the unit the hospital installed in 2008.
According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), the chance of a woman having invasive breast cancer at some time during her life is about one in eight. The ACS recommends that women have yearly mammograms beginning at age 40.
The MAMMOMAT Inspiration enables physicians and clinicians to better pinpoint disease and plan treatment. The system also meets the demands of modern mammography practices by providing digital screening and diagnosis - all in one system.
“Breast self-examination is one of the most important tools for early detection, and regularly scheduled mammograms are not only highly recommended but can often detect a lesion long before it can be felt,” said Alberta Watt, AAMC Radiology Department Director. “With this innovative new system, screening and diagnosis can all be performed on a single unit, with excellent image quality and lower radiation exposure.”
“Our new mammography system will help Abbeville Area Medical Center provide women in our area with the best possible exams. In addition to increased diagnostic capabilities, MAMMOMAT Inspiration is also designed to reduce the discomfort often associated with mammography,” said Watt.
You do not need a physician’s order to have a routine mammogram. To make an appointment call (864) 366-3200. For more information about Abbeville Area Medical Center’s full field digital mammography service, contact the Radiology Department at (864) 366-3319.

CAPTION: (l to r) Abbeville Area Medical Center Radiology Department Mammographers Debbie Foster RT(R), (M) (left) and Alberta Watt RT(R) Radiology Director (right) stand with the Center’s new full-field digital mammography machine.

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