AAMC Receives Three "Certified Zero Harm" Awards


Abbeville Area Medical Center (AAMC) and the South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA) announced today the hospital has received the South Carolina “Certified Zero Harm Award”, to recognize excellent performance in patient safety.

Rich Osmus, AAMC CEO, and Mary Margaret Jackson, AAMC Chief Quality and Risk Officer, are pictured at right with the three awards.

Certified Zero Harm Awards are given when a hospital records no preventable hospital-acquired infections of a specific nature during a certain period of time. The data is then independently verified by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC). The awards are presented at statewide SCHA meetings twice each year. AAMC was one of only two hospitals that received three Zero Harm awards and the only hospital to receive three awards spanning an 18-month time period. The hospital has had no preventable bloodstream infections in the ICU, no surgical site infections of the knee and no surgical site infections of the hip, all for an 18-month period.

“We know that hospital acquired infections are a serious concern for our patients,” stated Rich Osmus, AAMC CEO. “Our staff works very hard to keep a clean, infection-free environment to ensure that we have a safe place for our patients to come to receive their healthcare.”

The award is part of the association’s efforts to guide and support the state’s hospitals in creating and sustaining highly reliable health care – meaning patient care that is dependable, high quality and safe over a long period of time, similar to the consistent results achieved by other high-consequence industries such as aviation and nuclear power.

“We feel that publicly celebrating hospitals that have reached the milestone of zero infections within a given time frame is a crucial part of our collective journey to highly reliable health care,” said Rick Foster, MD, senior vice president for Quality and Patient Safety, South Carolina Hospital Association. “Zero patient harm can be accomplished only through purposeful, ongoing collaborative work among physicians, clinical and support staff. The AAMC team has effectively demonstrated their strong shared commitment to patient safety.”

“We are very proud of AAMC’s exemplary performance in quality improvement”, said Thornton Kirby, president and CEO, South Carolina Hospital Association. “We hope their success will serve as an inspiration to all South Carolina hospitals striving to provide measurably safer care for every patient, every time.”

For more information on the SCHA Certified Zero Harm Award please contact Rick Foster, MD, senior vice president for quality and patient safety, South Carolina Hospital Association, at 803.744.3538 or rfoster@scha.org. For media inquiries please contact Meg Davis at (864) 366-3364.

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